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Our newest hearing aid offers the same advanced digital technology and features of a $3000 hearing aid - for 90% less.

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What do the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC all have in common? They love MDHearingAid®.

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Get the hearing aid that everyone's raving about.

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A low-cost state of the art hearing aid designed by Sreek Cherukuri, MD, board-certified Ear, Nose, & Throat physician, and tested by PhD Audiologists.

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Posted by Asa R. on February 02, 2014

I’m a retired Kentucky District Judge and attorney and was on my second generation of $4,000 plus hearing aids. My newest pair cost $4,200 when I purchased them some three years ago. I was unsatisfied with my “old” expensive hearing aids, hence my purchase of the “new” ones. Alas, I was not at all happy with the “new” ones. A doctor friend, with whom I was enjoying breakfast early in October 2013, having listened to my hearing aid complaints, suggested that I contact MDHearingAid as he had done. I did just that… bought 2 of them… read the owner’s manual… followed the directions… put them in my ears and was and am literally astounded at the difference. From that moment I have not once used those $4200 “second generation” hearing aids. I rely entirely on my MDHearingAids and use them every day. Bottom line: To say that I’m a satisfied customer/client of MDHearingAids is an understatement. I love them and would love them even if they cost a lot of money instead of the less than $600 they actually cost me.

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